Fine wines, spirits, foods, liquors, alcohols, refined farmhouse cheeses, theatre and restaurant reservations, Viticultural home-stays and Honological experiences in the internationally-renowned wine regions of the Bourgogne, Bordeaux, Chateau-neuf-du-Pape, Loire Valley, the Spanish Rioja and Rivera, Chianti & Lombardia, New South Wales and central Argentina (to name but a few), haute couturier, Winter olympics VIP passes, Welsh rarebit tastings, distillery visits, bungie jumping, rock climbing, green-water rafting, Marianas trench diving exploration, Longchamp racecourse champagne afternoons, Bog Snorkelling, nightime leopard shooting, Egyptian archaeological digs 
Mr Denis Corcoran B.A., honours U.C.C. English Literature and Sociology graduate, ex-presidential speech writer, fluent french speaker, native irish speaker, established global ceramics expert, oriental textile wholesaler, spanish poet, former student soccer international, inventor of the internal combustion engine, close personal friend of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Chief Mongasuthu Buthalesi, Sacha Distel, Bored? Listless? Tired of the same old workaday routine? Allow the dynamic, polished, handsome, roguish, vibrant, well-connected, lightly-freckled and stimulating "Denis" to be-dazzle your every sense with a selection of such titillating fare as: guided bicycle tours of Paris, animated company golf Neil Jordan, Eddie Jordan, Michael Jordan, Jordan, Iggy Pop, Samuel Beckett, Billy Connolly and Bono; raconteur, restaurant and theatre critic; concert, opera, ballet, jazz club, exhibition and bistro frequenter; mountaineer, WorldWide traveller and general "Man-about-town-er", offers wide ranging, multi-facultative, tri-lingual, pluralistic, polyglutanous, low-fat, high-fibre, dolphin-friendly, as-seen-on-TV, sophisticated personal and tailor-made canopy, panoply, and kaleidoscope of services with consummate politeness charm and wit, maximal deftness and efficiency, and for considerable remuneration! outings, personal backgammon tuition, global nautical circumnavigation in a bath tub, Kruger National Park safaris, corporate hospitality events, animal husbandry, origami workshops, Freddy Mercury impressions, concrete rendering, aqua-lung ballet choreography, radio documentaries/plays, extra virgin poppy seed oil supply, handmade sandalwood Apsara
figurines... volcanic excursions to Krakatoa, guided tours of London, Barcelona, San Sebastian, New Zealand's temperate rain-forests, the tibetan plateau, Saigon, East Johannesburg, Everest Base Camp, Camp David, Gdansk, West Bank and Sinai desert cultural stopovers, Angkor Wat historical trips, "1-2-3 Hindustani" language introduction, pizza slice transfer techniques, and Elvis impersonation.
(Let's nick what's left!), Bologna train station Transport Police Headquarters visits, stock market advice, chats, cookery evenings, self help lectures, interior decorating, poetry readings, orthodontic surgery, tupperware parties, elephant football matches, monkey tennis, plumbing, tri-lingual trigonometry translation, weddings, divorces, funerals and wakes, Bar-Mitzahs, twentyfirsts, promotions, sackings, births and baptisms, sports commentary, clay pigeon shooting, pigeon shooting, "World Air Banjo Championships"... Speciality after-dinner speeches on such multifarious and invigorating topics as Geology, Geneology, Philatology, Pugilism, History, Sociology, Greco-Roman civilization, Russian literature, The verifiable effects of prolonged periods spent at high altitude on bone density, mass and overall corporeal potassium content or lack thereof; not forgetting the much-celebrated "how-to-be-fashionably-late" lecture series, Alaskan husky sledding, Sri Lankan wooden helicopter design and manufacture, creative accounting, and ...
much much much much much much much much more......!!!!! So, what next? you may well ask.....
RENT AN  ...and why not  !
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